Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bobby's Biggest Bubble: The end is in sight . . . but I'm squintin'

Few people have been writing and asking for updates. So here goes:

I'm still changing a few things that bother me (like the gum balls) but overall the book's is looking better then I hoped. Coloring and shading have been the time consumers of this project as I expected. I'm constantly altering the coloring, its something I have always struggled with when not just coloring characters. Characters I have no trouble coloring - it's backgrounds. ARRRGGGHHH!

I was also concerned about the second half of the book - because several pages toward the end were the most challenging, So I started to work backwards, from the ending. That REALLY helped more than I expected, because I was constantly worrying on how to tackle a few pages (especially the big ending).
I am so happy how it turned out . . . and relieved.

I would love to show you all those BIG pages now - but I need to keep some of the pages off the Internet and out of access to the general public. Plus, I don't want to give away the entire story. So, I will show the latest coloring to one of the black & white sketches I posted some time ago.
This is the 2-page spread of pages 24+25. It still needs some cleaning, shading and highlighting. Also note the bubble bleeds out of the right side of the frame and off the page. This is something I started doing on many pages with frames to help show the bubble's massive size. There's no room on the pages for Bobby's Biggest Bubble!
Two weeks before sending the work out. Back to work!