Monday, January 27, 2014

Character Designs for a Game: Part Two, The Ogre

Today's design is the Ogre, those big lazy bullies of the fantasy universe.

I really wanted the Ogre to have a heavy looking body -- yet make him appear strong and threatening. To add a little twist, I give him very tiny legs to hold that entire mass.

The full color version of the Ogre on a dark background
I think Ogres are better without too much gear, showing more flesh -- so I kept everything about this design very minimal. I focus on his body shape and bulkiness, giving him only a few shreds of clothing and an old battered sword that has seen better days. 

The original sketch, sans sword, which the Ogre appears taller.
The height was reduced to better fit the square area of the game card.
Just like the characters sketches, I created several drawings of the weapons. These were then added to each of the character sketches in Photoshop. I find I easier to draw and design articles like this separately from the character. Designing items this way allows more focus to detail without having to worry about composition and balance.

The pencil sketches of weapons for each of the creatures
Also not wanting to make all the creatures in tone of green, I gave Steve several color options for the Ogre. He picked the one I liked too . . . the flesh tone version. 
Take that Shrek . . . in your face!!

Several color options of the Ogre