Sunday, January 26, 2014

Character Designs for a Game: Part One, The Goblin

Final image cleaned, slightly lightened and placed on transparent background

Awhile ago, during the holiday break, my friend Steve Radabaugh asked if I was interested in doing a few images for his upcoming Dungeon game. Since I've been trying to hone my work and do daily sketches of different characters each day - this was a perfect assignment. (Also, it's something I really enjoy doing - making monsters and creatures!) So over the weekends I started doodling to create some unique versions of classic creatures for his game.

Steve gave me a choice of many standard D+D creatures to pick from. I instantly wanted to do bulky and huge characters, since I thought I could have more fun giving them odd shapes and faces. I picked the Minotaur, Troll and Ogre. I also had to do the Goblin; just so many fun ways to draw these nasty little guys. 
Original pencil sketch of the Goblin sans his weapon
The thing I find interesting about Ogres, Trolls and Goblins is that they are very similar in many ways and are all portrayed in many unique styles and looks. Yet, I don't think there is an absolute definitive look of a Goblin, Ogre or Troll. If you Google each, you'll find very similar looks crossing between the three - where some images it can be any one of the three.) So my first challenge was to define what each one was to me.
Inked version of the Goblin now seen with his weapon
The most obvious . . . there is a definite size difference between the three.
Also, Goblins tend to be smarter, Ogres not smart and Trolls tend to drool on everything.

Goblins seem to be more spry. They make, steal and use tools/gadgets.
So I thought my drawing of the goblin should seem more rogue-like.
Color version of the Goblin using a limited palette of colors for a more graphic look

I'll be posting more of this work during the week, showing each of the four characters.
Tomorrow, part two: The Ogre