Saturday, December 21, 2013

Daily Quick Sketch: Korky

Yet another testing daily sketch using my new marker sets.

This time, I wanted to create a sidekick for one of my oldest characters, Chef Gordon Baloo. Keeping to the theory that dogs and their owners tend to look alike, I created the character of "Korky" based upon key features of Chef Gordon Baloo.

Daily sketch of the hyper puppy, Korky, made using Copic markers and a Faber-Castell "B" brush pen

The key features I took from Chef were his stout frame, wide pointy-chinned grin, baggy + googly eyes, bulbous nose and circular ears. Hopefully doing these similar (but different) features makes an automatic visual relationship between the two characters.

Chef Gordon Baloo: One of my oldest characters and the key influence to designing his sidekick, Korky
Added the original pencil sketch seen below.