Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grocer Sketches

Been quite awhile since my last post, was away with family for our vacation in Iceland. Such a clean, beautiful and different country; I highly recommend it.
Back to the bloggin'Back in March of 1999, my brother Tom called me asking if I could do a few cartoon sketches of grocery store owners for his Internet design company The Chopping Block. So I quickly sketched out these guys in one evening.

I think these characters were far too wacky for what my brother needed. But I had fun drawing these guys. Don't think I'd ever purchase fruit from any of these guys . . . 

Probably the most normal looking one of the grouping. 

Knowing this was for the Internet, I gave goatees to all the grocers.

I noticed giving them a hutch back look made them wackier-looking. 

This one was inspired by Scott Gordon of the old Uncle Floyd Show.