Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bosco & Bruno

Found this in my archive backup drive, circa 2003. This is a good example to always jot your ideas down on paper, even if you don't use that idea for years.

These were two character design sketches of a bear (Bruno) and squirrel (Bosco) I intended to use to make an online web animation. I say "intended" because it would take months of work for me to make an 8-minute quality cartoon by myself. I never found that time. It's still one of my favorite concepts, which is a small tale about a Bronx Zoo bear who thinks he's a squirrel living in NYC's Central Park and his manipulative squirrel friend who uses the bear to his advantage. (I always imagined the squirrel's voice being played by Joe Pesci.)

But instead of simply letting this concept float away, I created this character set to hopefully one day go back and do something with it. I still have the entire cartoon story in my head. (I also have a written first draft of the animation, just in case my memory starts slippin'.)

Sadly, I didn't always take the time to draw or write down the inspirations when I was younger. So many ideas just tend to float away, never to return. Not saying they are all great ideas, but you never know how a small idea many eventually turn into a more significant concept. So, Tip o' the Day for you future artisans out there, when you do get bouts of inspiration, crazy dreams or an "idea-burp" in yer head . . . Write/draw them down.
You won't regret doing so . . .

Here's a link to a small animation loop I created using the squirrel character Bosco: LINK