Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kid's Book Process

Below is an example of my process for doing the pages for my Children's Book, Bobby's Biggest Bubble. I'm finding this method to be much more time consuming than expected -- mostly because the files are getting so huge, which slows down the computer's response.

I've been placing every character and it's coloring on separate layers; this was the plan so that I'd have files that would be easy to adjust for an animated eBook version of the story. But when setting the artwork for 11.25" by 8.75" at 300dpi - every time I create a layer, the more memory is consumed. The more memory consumed, the slower the response and adjustments become -- until I'm waiting 5-10 seconds to backup and make a correction. It may not sound like much, but when something pauses the flow of creativity . . . it becomes a tedious and aggravating process.

Shown above are stages #2-4
Sketching is stage #1 and Shading/Highlighting is stage #5

So now, I've been making adjustments and eliminating layers.I'm forfeiting the convenience of layers for animating the book -- but I need to get the book done first and hopefully keep my sanity for a bit longer . . .