Thursday, January 30, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Spider-Man Swinging 2

Warming up for a day of drawing, I came up with a Spider-man doodle. So I quickly scanned it into ArtRage Pro 4.1 and inked and colored the image. I wanted the coloring to be very bold and stand out, so the color saturation was increased.

I don't really have time to read comics as much as I used to. I don't enjoy many of them anymore . . . maybe it's the style or how the stories have lost character. Maybe I'm just getting older and I don't relate to what the younger readers enjoy.

Not saying everything's bad. I do find the independent titles are far more enjoyable now and consistent then Marvel and DC. To list a few: Saga, Invincible, Bravest Warriors and any related to BPRD.

DC Comics has totally lost my interest since the reboot of their comics with the New 52; I don't recognize the characters anymore . . . only a handful of title (Batman mostly) have kept the quality of writing good stories. Continuity is no longer found. I can't tell what did or didn't happen in the past anymore. The best creators are being fired or they're quitting DC.
Superman now dating Wonder Woman?
The new Lobo is strangely . . . normal and boring . . . what?

And at Marvel, I find I can't keep up with whatever the main event is anymore; they over saturate the market with too many titles. The only Marvel books I'm really enjoying are "Daredevil", "Hawkeye", "Thunderbolts", "Wolverine and the X-men" and the point to drawing this doodle . . . anything with Superior Spider-man.

Original pencil sketch of Spidey (with pupils)
I read many people were highly upset about Doc Oct taking over the body and mind of Spider-man. And while it's a far fetched concept to handle, I think the stories have been highly entertaining and clever. Taking a villain, giving him a fresh start and exploring how this all effects Peter Parker's world has been a fun read.

As expected, this will end soon and Peter will be back, but I'm glad it happened and it should be seen as a great creative arc in the history of Spider-man (and Doc Oct.) Hats off to Dan Slott for writing such a great twist . . . making Spider-man fun to read again.