Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Carl of the Walking Dead

Today quick sketch was a small tribute to the comic and TV show Walking Dead. This was a part of this week Fan Art Friday at Google+ CBC Artists' Alley.

Quick colored version of the sketch of The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes

Carl is my favorite character of both series. I feel the story is written from Carl's point of view, even though the lead character is his father, Rick. At some point, I think Rick will need to die - leaving Carl to be the future leader.

The original pencil sketch for G+'s comic Book Community Artists' Alley

To me, Carl is the only character that would devastate me if he died in the story. And that's a scary thing . . . because Robert Kirkman would be "that" writer who would do that. (KIRKMANNNNNnnnnnnn!!!)