Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Capt. "Squint"

Today's daily sketch is a pencil sketch from one of my sketch books. The character's full name is Captain Phineas "Squint" Falconi, expert pilot and engineer. 

I don't have any real plans to use this character yet. He was something in the back of my mind and I had time over the holidays to put him down in the sketchbook. I've always liked the idea of bird-like people who can't fly . . . so they use crazy contraptions. 

Pencil sketch of one of my many bird people . . . who can't fly with an aircraft.
If I ever do use him, I'll definitely dress him up more like a WWI pilot with full garb instead of this simple tee and jeans. I imagine when he talks, he would sound like Clint Eastwood (hence the nickname "Squint" and his squinty eyes.)