Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No. 5: Zoobie-Dang

The 5th image for INKtober 2015 is a character I've have been developing for a long time. I wanted to develop a character that was so disliked and hated, not because he's evil, but simply because he's boring.

Zoobie-Dang is a leader of the cave dwelling people called Mucklugs. Zoobie-Dang is terribly boring, slow talking and people generally find him incredibly annoying. He's been the default leader for over 5 decades because none of the other Mucklugs wants his job as the leader.
Inktober 2015 image #5 inked with a brush pen and digitally gray tone coloring
Zoobie-Dang might even be a good leader, but his people just can't stand listening to him. There have been many attempts to kill Zoobie-Dang, but the killers always stop, realizing there is no one to take his place as leader.

The inked image without any of the digital coloring
It's worth mentioning that Zoobie-Dang dabbles in magic. His mystic iStick gives him the ability to see people's true emotions, reads minds and can tell when someone lies. So Zoobie-Dang knows everyone's thoughts about him and how much he is disliked . . . which just makes him even more annoying because he acts like he knows EVERYTHING!

The original pencil sketch