Monday, January 13, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Pigley

Today's quick sketch is a little pig I call Pigley. As always, my challenge is to draw a pig differently then I have before. So on this little guy I gave him an egg-shaped body, huge eyes, forward pointy ears, wide flat snout, a non-curly tail and hockey puck hooves. 
Pigley, quick sketch done with Copic markers on Canson marker paper
This sketch was done with markers.
There much lost when scanning markers. I believe the scanner's hard light makes the paper more translucent then it actually is; so the blending of the markers, (like the pig's hind leg) tends to look more blotchy compared to the actual drawing.

For this reason, I doubt I will ever do a complete picture book in markers, because the transfer to print is not truly accurate. (But making images this way is still very nice when you see the actual work.)

The original pencil sketch of Pigley