Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Daily Sketches: Sweet Tooth Reaper and Post Inktober Comments

Well, I wasn't able to complete the entire month of Inktober. This is the most stressful and demanding time of the year in my line of work. I actually worked several 18+ hour days to reach deadlines. It's mentally and physically exhausting, especially when considering that the same similar holiday designs are needed over and over each year.

In times of a better economy, designers can experiment more, take risks and do ideas never seen before. But it's the opposite in our current poor economy. Retail store buyers want the same price and quality products as their previous years - while the manufacturers face inflation to materials, labor, safety regulations and shipping costs. As a designer, I must help create sensible high-quality designed items that don't cost more to create.

Anyway, my job took over all of my spare time and pretty much burnt me out. I have many doodles and sketches that could have worked for Inktober, but for legal reasons I can not share those on the blog. But there are a few loose images that were not used for my job. I will throw a few of these sketches up on the blog as I get the time; like the one seen below. Many of these are related to Halloween given that it was around that time when they were created.

This image was created using pencils and Copic markers with light highlight Gelly Roll pen

Friday, October 23, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.22: Batman vs Baseball

For #22 of the INKtober drawings, I couldn't help but go back to Batman.
Intober #22: Inked with brush pen and digitally toned in Phtooshop

The original pencil sketch

The inked image sans type and gray tones.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.21: Iron Baby

For this drawing, #21 for INKtober, I wanted to experiment with a few new brush pens I bought on Amazon. I've been seeing other artists' using different pens and I wanted to try a few and compare them to what I've been using. 

The image below was a pencil doodle of a baby Iron Man. I inked over the pencils using a Tombow N15 brush pen and then colored with a Tombow N60. Note: The pens have two ends, one end is the brush tip and the other end is a normal fine point marker tip.
INKtober image #21: Pencilled and then inked using TomBow N15 and N60 brush pens
For most of these INKtober images, I have been using a Faber Castell SB brush pen.
The ink in that pen is solid black, good coverage, ink dries instantly and the brush nib is very flexible.

The Tombow N15 I used for this image had several issues. The ink was not a solid black as with the Faber-Castell SB. The ink didn't dry quickly, smeared and when used with a second marker the black line blended into the lighter gray marker. These pens also create bands and lines when coloring, typically seen with most water-based markers. The Tombow brush pens are definitely not the quality level of Copic markers for coloring.

The lower two pen brushes were used to create the Iron Baby image seen above

The only plus to the Tombow pens is that the brush nib is very long, extremely flexible and durable. It can definitely take more pressure, allowing more control for thin to thick lines. It seems like the tips of these pens are made of a strong poly-fibre and will hold it's point much longer than the Faber Castell SB. I really like the line control with these pens, but the ink needs a lot of improvement.

Comparing the two brush pen nibs

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.20: Zombie Meets Mummy

I wasn't into doing this drawing today, too much on my plate and I'm not really feeling that well. BUT . . . I pushed on and did this quick drawing anyway.

The classic Hollywood mummy is really the first zombie-like monster in my memory.
There are many similarities: being undead, groaning, groping, limping, feet shuffling and of course all the killing. Both are chemically stimulated back to life: One via mystic embalming fluids while the other through radioactive disease.

The differences? One is based on science, the other is mysticism. One chokes people, the other eats people.
INKtober image #20: using a new brush pen Tombow N15 and toned digitally via Photoshop

So what would happen if a zombie crossed a mummy? Does the zombie ignore the mummy just like it ignores all other undead? I figure since the scent of the mummy's blood would not be the same as a normal human's blood, I think zombies would ignore all mummies.
The original image of just the inking

In turn, the classic mummy would probably attack any zombie within its sight. The classic mummy seemed to have that desire to simply choke anything in it's path. Modern day movies have made mummies much smarter and more powerful through magic.
For me . . . the ol' limping, stiff-limbed mummy is still my favorite.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.19: Batman Bat'room

For the 19th image of INKtober, I decided to do a day-in-the-life cartoon of Batman.
I believe some of the best cartoons about Batman have been the ones from the perspective of Batman doing everyday common things. And who doesn't like a little bathroom humor too?
Inktober #19: Drawn with a pen brush and colored with Photoshop
I had a little problem figuring out the composition for this cartoon. Most of this image was done in parts, so that I could move them around in Photoshop until I found the right layout that worked.

Inked version sans the type and color

It might seem simple, but much had to be considered.  The toilet needed to be seen enough to instantly know it was a toilet, all of the text had to flow a certain ways and I toned down the wackiness of Batman so that he was more simple and easily identified.

The original pencil sketch of Batman sitting on the throne
Originally I was going to add pupils to his eyes so that his eyes would direct the flow of reading the cartoon. But leaving the eyes blank seemed funnier since it creates a more brooding expression. Brooding on the toilet = more funny.

Monday, October 19, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.18: Lone Ranger VS. The Wolfman

The 18th image for this year's INKtober is my childhood memory of The Lone Ranger.
Maybe it was just a coincidence that I found out around the same time that: #1.) The Wolfman could be killed with a silver bullet, and #2.) The Lone Ranger used only silver bullets.
I guess in my head I thought, "Why would the Lone Ranger use such bullets unless he intended to hunt down the Wolfman?"
Inktober image #18: inked with a pen brush and toned in Photoshop

Funny though, the recent Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, originally had the Ranger fighting werewolves in the script. Those werewolves were eventually replaced with train fights. Knowing how the movie flopped, I'm guessing the movie would have been more successful if those original werewolves were included!

The inked version of the drawing, sans type and tones

Original Pencil Sketch

Sunday, October 18, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.17: Peanuts Confidential

This INKtober image is yet again inspired by my thoughts as a young kid. It always bothered me that the adults in the Peanuts cartoons were never seen. I was freaked out whenever the teachers spoke on the cartoon shows. Sure it was funny . . . but also quite eerie, especially when as a child one would try to envision what those teachers & parents looked like whenever they spoke.

INKtober image #17: Using a SB brush pen on Canson marker paper and digitally toned in Photoshop.

So this was my conclusion . . . a very rare skin disease that occurs during puberty. I would imagine the entire Peanuts' community was under quarantine and under the watch + care of the U.S. military. If fact, I'd imagine it was the US military that gave these sick people the cruel and heartless code-name: "PEANUTS".

The inked version sans all the type

With this theory, it all made sense. It explained why the adults were never seen on the cartoon shows and why all of the adults spoke so strangely due to their enclosed and hardened mouths.

The original pencil sketch

#INKtober 2015 No.16: Moon Ride (Halloween in 2 weeks)

No joke today for INKtober #16.
This was an image I sketched quite some time ago for a Halloween Trick or Treat bag. It was a very rough idea that I decided wasn't going to work for my client. I have made many sketches like this just laying around. Even though this might be a nice concept image - it just doesn't fit into what retailers want to sell on the market.

INKtober #16 using a very soft bristle brush pen and Photoshop digital toning
 I used a much softer bristle brush pen for this image. Notice how the lines are more flexible and loose since the bristle tend to bend much easier with the slightest pressure. The result is a more interesting line that feels much more playful and relaxed. Just for added effect, I decided to add the burst of orange tone in the background to make the image stand out.
Inked version of the image

The original rough sketch that was done in pencil (and bit of gray marker on the hat)