Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Quick Sketch: Piggin' and Grinnin'

Today's quick sketch was inspired by the blog: Dueling Banjo Pigs, a blog run by illustrators, Guy Francis and Stacy Curtis.

I seem to have jumped on the band wagon long after this blog first started, but when viewing the blog and it's many banjo playing pig images . . . I felt like tossing one on top of the already impressive 700+ picture collection pile.

Fully colored digital image of Piggin' and Grinnin' for the "Dueling Bango Pigs" blog site

Doing this image was a lot of fun. Its nice to just jump into doing a fun sketch with nothing but a suggested topic (a pig and a banjo.)

Inked version of the pencil lines created in ArtRage Pro

NOTE: Anyone can submit to the blog, professional or beginning artist. The blog is purely for fun. Even if you don't want to submit an image, it's worth seeing all the variations people have sent over the years. Visit the site here:

Original pencil sketch from one of my sketch books