Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Illustration Friday: Skull

Illustration Friday: Every Friday a word is given on the website, IllustrationFriday.com. Artists and illustrators then submit an image that represents that word all during the week.
This week's word: Skull

Pencil and Ink variation of Skull & Crossbones

First: I've been away from this blog for practically the entire summer.
Reason: I've injured my shoulder and have been dealing with a frozen shoulder since early April of this year. It makes drawing very uncomfortable, since it is my right arm - a.k.a. my drawing hand. The feeling is a constant pins and needles ache - and at times it feels like the circulation has been tied off. The past few months it's intensified, so being in a creative state of mind has not come easy for me. Hopefully I can recover soon and get back to submitting more drawings to the blog.
Meanwhile: Above is a altered variation of a Skull design I did some time ago.