Sunday, May 25, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Baby Hawkman

It's been a busy month between work, festivals and fixing up our home so we can put it up on the market. I've also have a frozen shoulder again, this time the right side, which makes working even harder since I'm right-handed. But finally a breather with this Memorial weekend holiday.
So I want to try to get back into doing a few daily sketches this week.

The sketch below was done for CBC ComicBook Alley which had the theme of Thanagarians this week. Those who grew up reading comics like me, know this to be the people of Hawkman's home world. I thought it would be fun to make a baby version of Hawkman, since his people are a warrior class from birth. (This is also a nod of inspiration to the best "Baby Super Hero" artist/cartoonist out there . . . Scottie Young.)

Quick sketch of Baby Hawkman made using ArtRage Pro pen and water brush settings
Few words about Hawkman. I always liked his character as a hard-headed warrior, a space officer and as a brutally violent avenger. He is one of the few heroes who doesn't consider killing a foe to be wrong. But his history is probably the most messed-up. Hawkman has been revamped and resurrected into so many different versions - it hard to identify him anymore. Even with DC Comics constantly rebooting their comic books, Hawkman's history is still a mixed bag of conflicting origins.

The original pencil sketch of Baby Hawkman