Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Quick Sketch: Charley

This is a character for a children's story I plan to do next year. The setting will be in a very snowy area where she and her brother encounter a very strange . . . "thing". (I have her brother sketched up too - maybe I will post him this weekend.)

Charley: Quick sketch done in ArtRage 4.0.2.
Copyright ©2013 Arrrggghhh Ink Publishing
The difficult thing lately is that I have been dealing with too many ideas at once. I've over ten stories that I constantly juggle and visualize in my mind, especially when going to sleep. Occasionally, I'll get an idea to improve a book, envision a whole new story concept or visualize a new character in my imagination. Many times, if I don't get these ideas down on paper, they are quickly forgotten.

I don't plan on working on the story that Charley is in until early next year. Yet, I can't let the image of her dissolve away. So, doing a quick sketch of what I imagined and putting it down on paper (and this blog) will help assure that Charley will be there when I finally need her character.