Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Chopping Block

Most people who know me, know my brother Thom Romer. Back in the 90's, when Al Gore was creating the Internet -- Thom and a creative group of people got together and started a web designing company called the "ChoppingBlock.com". It was exciting to see him start from a 2-man operation into the company it is today.

When The Chopping Block created a logo/mascot for the company, many friends and business acquaintances sent versions of "Choppy" (seen here):

It was fun seeing the different styles and concepts people would come up with. You can still see some of the designs here: Friends of Choppy.

The following images are a couple of submissions I sent to my brother:

First, I sent my brother this cartoon. Not sure, but I believe it was around Thanksgiving time.
{If it wasn't , I have no idea why I thought of this . . . }

Next, there was this cow block design, which was made shortly after I made a just as offensive Christmas card (which you can see below.)  Looking at this today, I wonder now if my brother originally took this as my opinion towards his company (which was NEVER my intention!)
CHRISTMAS CARD CIRCA 1999 (in Color Pencils)
Yea . . . sometimes . . . sometimes it's not a good idea to bring back old images.
Yeaaaa . . . no idea why I was makin' bathroom humor cow cartoons back then . . . 

Blatent Plug Alert!:
It wouldn't be right for me to end this without mentioning my brother's side project called ChopShop, which sells some of the best iconic cultural t-shirts you will ever find on the internet. Tell 'im brother Jim sent ya, he'll probably give ya a discount!