Sunday, October 4, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.3: Frankendad

The third image for Inktober is keeping with the Halloween monster tone. This one is a typical morning for good ol' Frankendad. Alway fun to take popular outrageous characters and just drop them into a normal everyday lifestyle.
Inktober 2015 image #3. created with two types of ink pens. 
(Didn't care for the coverage of the first pen and went over those lines with a darker black pen.)

I feel the sketch version below is better than the inked version above. I overdid the inking, making it too "muddy" with so much stippling, (those little dots of ink for shading).

I also prefer his relaxed right arm pose in the pencil sketch much better. It helps gives a more tired/lazy look. But I kept the lil' were-baby in for the added humor.

The original pencil concept for Frankendad.
You can also see how I didn't like the first mug sketch, so it was cut and replaced by the Happy face mug.