Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Space Mook (Updated)

This is two versions of a marker sketch of a character I call Space Mook. He's like a cross between an ape and a bear -- sporting a fancy mullet and rocket pack (which is really a guided missile.) He's one of many bounty hunters from my old sci-fi story called "Krem"

Marker sketch of Space Mook: A galactic bounty hunter, from my sci-ci story KREM
Krem was a huge story I worked on over many years. It started when I woke up from a very bad fever and found the Krem character next to my bed. Looking at the drawing, I started to imagine his back story, (which grew and grew over the years.)

Adding a simple background behind the character 

I hope to find more of Krem's supporting characters in my archive boxes of artwork and show them here in the future.

Original pencil sketch of Space Mook

Forgot I did this, here's the very first rough sketch of Space Mook. So of the shoulder patch logo sketches are included. He he seems mostly ape-like. I do like the retro glass helmet, think I should add that back. 
Funny seeing this now, I feel I want his character to look more like this -- than what I developed over time.
I will revamp him again and in digital coloring (not markers) next time.

The very first rough sketch of Space Mook