Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Camel-Horse

Since I was a child, I always enjoyed drawing animals. I would even make my own comics with anthropomorphic superheroes, often starring my pets as the key stars.  But now, I still enjoy drawing wacky creatures the most.
They're more fun to draw. They can be surreal, bizarre or whimsical; and drawing them can really lets one's imagination go wild.
One thing I have always enjoyed is combining different animals to re-create a new look. By combining traits of a camel with a horse, I came up with this sketch. 
A color pencil sketch of a Camel-Horse, coming traits of the two species into one
I don't feel this is a great character -- it needs work. It lacks a personality; its too simplistic and dull . But with a few tweaks this creature could develop into a good supporting character for a story. (Say . . . as a desert mount for some crazy or exotic sand trader.) I will revisit this character, build on its design, but for now I will just let this character sit in the image archives. After some time passes, I'll look at this character with new eyes and hopefully see some new potential to better this design into something more.