Friday, February 14, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Batman Valentine

This little quick sketch goes out to my lovely wife, Carla. We're going on our 5th year together. One of the things we share is the dislike of Valentine's Day . . . it's far too commercial and often annoying to celebrate.
Little personally made Valentine toon for my sweetie . . . Luv ya, Babe!

That said, my wife did send me a old Valentine card via Facebook. It was a vintage Batgirl with artwork that looked to be around circa 1970 when we were just kids.
So in retaliation, I drew this pudgy Batman circa the Batman Show of the late 60's . . . right back atcha, Boopie!

Placed the image on a transparent background and tweeked the line tone and saturation a bit in Photoshop.
The original color pencil sketch