Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chef Gordon Baloo

This was a character I remember sketching on my train ride back from New York City - sometime in the 90's. There is something I love about this character, it just makes me smile.  I haven't the slightest idea why I made him a chef, but for some odd reason it works. His name came to me instantly; a play on words with Cordon Bleu Chef. I'd just mixed it around a little and got Chef Gordon Baloo.
My original intentions were to make him a villain for one of my children's stories (and that may still come into play one day.) But because he is one of my favorite characters, he has become like a mascot for my company Arrrggghhh Ink.
[I've even did a little animation of him some time back.  If I can figure out how to embed a flash animation into this blogger, I will try and post that one day soon.]

This image was done in pencil, then selected areas were colorized in PhotoShop.