Monday, November 26, 2012

Bobby's Biggest Bubble: Thank You image

This is an image I created over the Thanksgiving weekend to thank all of the KickStarter pledges and supporters that helped create Bobby's Biggest Bubble.
From left to right: Oggy, Woger, Otter and Bobby
Thanks again to everyone who helped make this all possible. Yous guys is the best!!

UPDATE: I used this image for Illustration Friday the week of May 3 2013; the word of the week was TRIBUTE. This image has a double meaning to that word.

1st:  It was part of my thank you to all the people that helped me create my first children's book, Bobby's Biggest Bubble.

2nd: The book itself was dedicated to my Uncle Bob, who inspired me with creative thinking, fun and just a ton of laughs. My Uncle passed away nearly 20 years ago from his bout with Leukemia -- but the memory of him and his influences on me live on . . .