Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One from the Archives: Wooster-Sawz

Found this old sketch from one of my old hard drives. All I remember is creating several young kids who grow up in a very bad neighborhood, wanting to make a change. They decide to wear super hero costumes and start helping people in trouble around the neighborhood.
Circa 2000: Original pencil sketch of team leader, Wooster Saws

Wooster is the key character, motivator and leader of the group. Ironically, he is incredibly skinny, very weak and is usually picked on in school. But it is his street smarts, drive and heart that make the others follow him -- even under the worst situations. The group consists of a motley crew of characters: Shelli, a freckled faced girl with braces who is shunned by the other girls. Todd, a huge muscular jock who is picked on by his peers because of his speech impediment. And Chaz, the overweight mathematical whiz-kid who lacks any and all social skills.

I still haven't located the other three character sketches, hopefully if I do, I will update this post with those images. There is also a rough summery of the story somewhere on one of these old CDs/Hard Drives. Hopefully one day I can revisit the idea, and maybe do something with it.