Sunday, September 28, 2014

Product Design: Side-by-Side technique

Today, I'm just going to post a little example of the "Side-by-Side" technique I use to help the factory create better looking products.I create a before and after image to show the changes needed to improve a product. This is usually done by taking a photo and altering it in PhotoShop.

Even the slightest changes make a complete difference in the final product. The photo below is the front view of a plush lion rocking chair. Notice with 4 simple changes how the lion seems more friendly and happy.

Side-by-Side comparison showing the before and after images of my Lion Rocking Chair design
(Sidenote: Sadly, the way work is done today, there is less time to do the fine tuning. This is mostly due to the short turn-around time schedules that many buyers demand.)