Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Grandpa Tuko, the old elephant

Today's daily sketch is a pencil drawing taken from one of my sketchbooks.

Not long ago, I was playing around with a story in my head about large animals. I need to establish a few family members for the story and this was the first image I "saw" in my head. 
(Sidenote: I'm probably years away from ever doing this story, I've about 6 other stories I NEED to do first.)

This was the first sketch attempt of this character. Hopefully during the next few years, I'll go back and re-imagine him again and again -- keeping the features I like and making changes for those I don't like, until I feel his character is exactly what I need for the story.

I know I added too much details for this character to work for a children's book, but it's far better to add more now and edit later. You never know when the slightest of details may inspire a totally new look or feature. 

First original pencil sketch of Tuko, the grandfather elephant of one of my stories.
I feel it's vital to capture as many imaginary thoughts and images you may think of; put them down on paper . . . then give them time. Time helps develop ideas, allows discovery and usually improves the final results exponentially.