Friday, March 29, 2013

Daily Quick Sketch: LB Monsta

I thought I'd test out my new upgrade of ArtRage Studio Pro (now version 4.0.2). Using one of my oldest characters, I tried the new interface using the soft pastel settings in the program on rough canvas background. I still need to work out the kinks of using the upgraded version with it's changes.

My Alien/Dinosaur character: Lumpy Bumpy Monsta

To anyone who is looking for a powerful art program for a great price, check out ArtRage Pro. They have a trial program on their site with giving it a try. (The program is even available via Steam if needed.) The user interface is nice and compact compared to Painter. Painter & Photoshop have much more control, but ArtRage allows you to simply get into your work.

AND, when comparing ArtRage to Painter or Photoshop, you can't beat the price . . .
The upgrade was only about $25. For those new to the program, you'll need a good stylus and a copy of the 4.0.2 Artrage Studio Pro program will only cost about $50.