Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Character Designs for a Game: Part Four, The Minotaur

Here's the final design of the four characters I made for Steve Radabaugh's game, Dungeon Marauders: The Minotaur.
The final colored design of the Minotaur submitted for Dungeon Marauders
Of the four designs, the Minotaur was the one that needed the most changes. When I first did rough sketches, I was looking for the Minotaur to be different than the typical version we all know. So I made it's face more beastly; like the main character from "Beauty and the Beast". And again, like the Ogre, I wanted to play around with a very top heavy character with tiny legs. I sent the roughs to Steve for comments.

Quick concept pencil rough sketches of the Minotaur -- Trying to get a new look

This is where an outside critique really helps. As the designer who is constantly looking at the work, you sometimes lose focus and the perception of how others see your work. I didn't see what was wrong until Steve pointed it out. 

Tightened pencil sketch of the Minotaur which was off target . . . 

Steve felt that the sketch was off, especially around the face. While I was trying to be different, I was subconsciously omitting one of the most important feature of a Mintotaur . . . it's bull-like facial features.

 . . . The final pencil sketch with greatly improved Minotaur bull head features!

Once the face was altered to be more bull-like . . . it seemed to all come together instantly. There was no question this was now a Minotaur!

The Minotaur design seen with a drop shadow on a dark background
As Steve continues to develop his game, I hope to share his progress here with future posts about Dungeon Marauders.
Those interested can view the game's progress from his blog at 
or look him up on Google+ at www.google.com/+SteveRadabaugh