Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Belly Bottom Shark

Today's daily quick sketch is of a evil shark character I call, Belly Bottom.
I've a story in which this character may play a small part as the villain, (but that story will be a long time coming since I want to do about 5 other stories first.) 

Adding blotches and crosshatching for more dramatic effect

Even though I have no immediate need for this character, it is always best to get the character down on paper and safely saved on file for future reference. Otherwise, the character would probably just fade away from memory.

This sketch was done in pencil, scanned into Photoshop as the top "Multiply" layer. The next layer down is the color layer, where I used a texture brush to add gritty shading to the pencil lines. The bottom layer is the background, which was made by greatly increasing the texture brush's size and simply adding darker blue tones while moving towards the lower right of the image. The entire background was done in about 3 minutes.
I wanted to exaggerate the shark features and give it an eerie look. This was simply done by using dark colors and giving him soulless, empty white eyes. I feel the mouth is unique enough with an under-bite; but it still needs some work. I'm also thinking of making him look more war torn and roughed up, as if he was in several battles.  (But that might be too much for a children's book character.)
Original pencil sketch scan of Belly Bottom