Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bobby's Biggest Bubble: The Doggie Story

Those who have read my first children's book, Bobby's Biggest Bubble, should already know that I put a little secondary story inside the book. The two dogs in the book, Woger and Oggy are having their own little adventure as Bobby's story is told. Woger is the bigger dog whose constantly watching his mischievous little pal, Oggy.
Seen here is Bobby's dog Woger (left) and Otter's dog, Oggy (right) having their own little adventure.

I knew I wanted supporting characters in the story, but I didn't want a lot of dialogue. So what better then to use two cute dogs following the boys in the adventure. The dogs don't need to talk. Kids love animals. Win, Win.

Then it occurred to me, these dogs could have their own tiny adventure in the background.
As Bobby's is creating his biggest bubblegum bubble -- Oggy starts chewing on a few spare gumballs and creates his own bubble. The major difference? Little Oggy starts to float away with his bubble.

Woger, the ever faithful pup, is always seen watching Oggy as he floats away higher and higher. But by the story's ending, something happens and it all comes around full circle. Oggy is seen safely back down on earth, (though stuck up in a tree.)

It was surprising to find that many children saw this secondary story immediately. I thought it might be something they would find on the 3rd or 4th reading. But many parents tell me that their children loved seeing Oggy floating in the background. Children like to search for Oggy before the page is read to them.

Roger and Oggy will return along with Bobby and Otter in the book's sequel: Bobby's Ginormous Jelly set for release by Fall 2013.