Friday, October 26, 2012

Website Mascot Pencil Sketches

Back in 2006, my friend John Biank was thinking of developing a tutorial service for digital design. His concept was to develop a website with videos lessons of using graphic applications and showing techniques. When we discussed this project, I thought of creating a mascot character to help brand his site. 

Since the site was like an educational service, I thought an owl mascot in the role of a professor might work best. These four pencil sketches were done in several poses to use as spot illustrations for his site.

I had wanted to help John develop more lessons and images for his site, but shortly after these sketches were sent to him, I became too busy starting my own company designing mass market products.

He liked the character at the time, but looking at it now it was probably too cutesy and 
juvenile for what he really wanted. If I had to do this over - I would have made a robot or techno character instead . . .