Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Inktober 2019: Day 02 - MINDLESS

I decided that Mouse would be the companion of Scare D throughout Inktober. You can now see the ring from Day 1 is placed on the collar and will be part of the character from now on. (So yes, these two are engaged.) 
Day 2: Final inked image with marker coloring
At first, I had the cat simply floating mindlessly, but I wanted some interaction between the characters. That's where Day #3's prompt word, BAIT, came into play. This allowed me to tie today's word with tomorrow's word, creating a fun sequential connection between the two images.
The original sketch, working out the concept. 
I switched the layout to have the mouse take control, knowing tomorrow, I will turn the tables on Mouse.
Original final sketch images before inking
For those Inktober fanatics who insist ONLY using ink during Inktober, here you go!