Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Inktober 2019: Day 01 - RING

Well, Inktober is officially here, and so the month of drawing Scare-D Katt has begun. (Sidenote: I'm not fully happy with her name . . . maybe something better will pop up this month.)

The final colored image using Copic markers on Canson Marker paper and the mouse size is reduced again.

Scare-D Katt is from Inktober 2017, created towards the end of that month. My thinking is there were great responses to the character, she's fun to draw, and cats are super popular online.

The original digitally colored image which as an old friend commented, was too clean and flat, (he's right.)

Day 01's word is RING, which immediately made me this of a way to incorporate mice into the month-long challenge. I could do more and show more with the added characters for Scare-D to interact. So expect to see more of these rodents with Scare D.
A prior inked version of the image before deciding to go full color with Copic markers.

It's was important that I establish the overall look of the following 30 drawings with this initial image. 
I had to do this image several times before finally feeling that Copic marker colors were the way to go (instead of digital coloring.) I thought about showing only the B&W inking at first, but with the main character being a black cat, shading in so many ink lines for a black cat would be a huge time consumer.  
Original pencil sketch before changes of the mouse's position and size.

So, I hope you enjoy the ride with me. Check here, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more to come. Happy Inktober!