Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#INKtober 2015 No.20: Zombie Meets Mummy

I wasn't into doing this drawing today, too much on my plate and I'm not really feeling that well. BUT . . . I pushed on and did this quick drawing anyway.

The classic Hollywood mummy is really the first zombie-like monster in my memory.
There are many similarities: being undead, groaning, groping, limping, feet shuffling and of course all the killing. Both are chemically stimulated back to life: One via mystic embalming fluids while the other through radioactive disease.

The differences? One is based on science, the other is mysticism. One chokes people, the other eats people.
INKtober image #20: using a new brush pen Tombow N15 and toned digitally via Photoshop

So what would happen if a zombie crossed a mummy? Does the zombie ignore the mummy just like it ignores all other undead? I figure since the scent of the mummy's blood would not be the same as a normal human's blood, I think zombies would ignore all mummies.
The original image of just the inking

In turn, the classic mummy would probably attack any zombie within its sight. The classic mummy seemed to have that desire to simply choke anything in it's path. Modern day movies have made mummies much smarter and more powerful through magic.
For me . . . the ol' limping, stiff-limbed mummy is still my favorite.