Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monsters and Bunnies: Go Fish! (UPDATE)

We'll I finally colored this image -- but not with watercolors as I previously mentioned . . . instead I used Copic markers. I find markers tend to go on heavy and too dark . . . this was the case for this image. Most of the time, I purchase the lightest tones I can find in Copic markers because I can always go over a given color again to darken it's color.

Color comp using Copic markers, black pen and pencils. When time allows I will recreate this into a fully colored digital image for printing.
Unfortunately, the blue Copic markers I own were still too dark.

Copic markers are very expensive, usually they cost $5 - $8 dollars each, so I tend to be very careful on which colors I purchase. Copic markers are cheapest if purchased as a set, (there are sets of 4, 6, 12, 36, etc.), but I find most of these sets usually contain too many dark/bold markers. I may get more markers for the price with sets, but then I also have many extra colors that I don't have any intention to use. 

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I've been working on a theme of monsters and bunnies for awhile. I've a tale to tell with that theme, but it'll have to wait for some time. (Too many other stories already in progress.) 

Original pencil sketch of "Go Fish" - part of a series of images with bunnies and monsters

Since I'm currently in the middle for designing products for next Easter, the bunny/monster theme keeps popping up in my head -- so I came up with this sketch. I'm going to try and do a watercolor version of this image when I get the time.