Sunday, January 5, 2014

Daily Quick Sketch: Yeti

Over the holidays I offered to help a friend, Steve, by making several fantasy related creatures for his upcoming card game. The creatures I'm designing are the Goblin, Ogre, Troll and Minotaur. (Once those images are completed, I will share the working sketches here on the blog.) 

Three of these creatures are very huge in size. So I started to play around this several ways to style their looks. Steve wanted the style to be a light and humorous, so I felt these bulky characters should all be top heavy with small legs.

I did many roughs, testing out several faces and poses for each creature. That's when I noticed one of my Ogre sketches started to look like a Yeti . . . so I went with it.

Yeti with wooden club made with pencil and grey markers
I feel the image is not as good as I could have done. I don't care for the way I drew the stone slab or his left hand; the composition, placement and angle of these could be better. But that's the point of doing these daily sketches -- for me to practice and try to improve on my drawing weaknesses.

The original pencil sketch of the Yeti