Saturday, October 26, 2013

Update: Current Situation with Publishing

Bit of Background Info
As you may notice, I'm way behind on posting anything lately due to my current workload. As a designer for products that are mostly geared for the seasonal holidays, tis' the season when I lose my mind.

Because of this heavy workload: I haven't posted here, I haven't had time to work on my books and the deadline was missed for getting my ebook completed in time for Halloween. I should have realized I couldn't handle everything at once.

The work continues, but just at a slower pace.

Delayed - pushed back to Spring 2014

eBooks: Like it or not, this is the future of publishing.I still want to print my 2nd book, Bobby's Ginormous Jelly, as a softbound edition. But currently, the financial cost of doing so is not the best strategy.
So, the printed sequel is now on hold and I'm looking at doing the Halloween eBook first as a better solution. 
Doing an eBook is not only cost-friendly, it is also storage, distribution and inventory friendly.

Missed deadline - release expected in a few months

For the sequel (Bobby's Ginormous Jelly): I have the story written, sketched and story boarded, but I'm no where near inking and coloring the finished pages. So I'm delaying the book until Spring 2014. Hopefully I can also save enough money to publish the 2nd book by then without feeling it in the wallet.

For the eBook (Worm Wire Glasses): I've several pages finished, but many other pages are still not completed.

To be honest, I need time to really decide how the eBook will look and work on various tablets, phones and iPads. Then there finding the markets (Amazon, iTunes, etc.) that will carry the eBook, each having their rules, pricing and formats that need to be applied to published the eBook online proplerly. It's a learning process which I should be taking more time to study.

Once the eBook is finished and ready to go online, I will post it right away.
Though it's a story that happens on Halloween, it's really a fun story about a monster that'll read well year round. My plan is to release it first as a standard ebook, at a low retail price (or possibly free) and then later develop a deluxe version with animation, sound effects, narration and interaction for next Halloween.

Enough talk . . . back to work!